Navigating The Healthcare Software Landscape: Features And Pricing Of Top Solutions


The healthcare industry’s rapid growth has led to increased technological opportunities, particularly in healthcare software. As facilities adopt new trends like mHealth, eHealth, and EHR software, stakeholders must understand the full range of digital disruption opportunities to strategize for the future.

Key Features In Top Healthcare Software Development Companies

The top healthcare software development companies offer various features for application integration.

  • Medical invoices and billing
  • Receiving money online
  • keeping a digital record of patient data
  • Tools for online medical consultation
  • Setting up a time and getting a reminder
  • analytical tools that improve performance by providing reports on patient history data to medical staff.
  • Maintenance of the medical infrastructure

List Of Top Seven Healthcare Software 

  • Epic
  • Praxis EMR
  • Kareo Clinical
  • Cerner
  • eClinicalWorks
  • Prompt
  • AdvancedMD


Epic EMR software, a cloud-based electronic medical record system, is designed for healthcare systems to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and enhance patient engagement. It offers features like revenue cycle management and patient charts, centralizing complex records for improved effectiveness and efficiency. Epic’s user-friendly interface makes it accessible to healthcare providers, regardless of technical expertise, contributing to its positive rating.

Why Consider Epic?

  • Epic EMR software offers core EHR features, including revenue cycle management, which automates financial data management and billing systems, and online patient payments.
  •  It also allows healthcare professionals to schedule appointments, eliminating phone calls and front desk check-ins. 
  • Epic’s self-service portal enhances patient engagement by providing access to medical records and personal data, fostering collaboration and empowering users to take control of their healthcare information.


Your healthcare organization’s size and needs will determine the cost of the Epic EMR.

Praxis EMR

Praxis is an innovative EHR system that utilizes artificial intelligence to identify patient diagnosis patterns, enabling healthcare providers to respond faster and adapt to specific situations.

Why Consider Praxis?

  • Praxis is an intelligent EHR system that can be customized to meet the unique needs of various medical professionals, including nurses, researchers, and new medical practices.
  • It is compatible with other EHR systems and can be used in different medical professions, such as chiropractic and cardiology, without requiring a specific approach.
  • This adaptability allows Praxis to seamlessly integrate into multiple healthcare environments, making it a valuable tool for predicting and recommending treatments for various medical issues.


Praxis price starts at $259 per month for each provider.

Kareo Clinical

Kareo Clinical is an electronic health system that aids independent medical practices in managing their workflow by enabling cross-clinic data transfers and allowing patients to share their medical records with new doctors.

Why Consider kareo Clinical?

  • Kareo Clinical offers a comprehensive dashboard with charts, shortcuts, KPIs, to-do lists, and HIPAA-compliant video conferencing for easy healthcare industry expansion. 
  • It also features a secure online patient portal for health information, treatment plans, documents, and communications.
  • It offers itemized charge receipts for expenses based on treatments and prescriptions.


The monthly cost for each provider at Kareo Clinical is $125.


Cerner is a trusted enterprise EHR platform for large healthcare organizations, trusted by major institutions like the Veterans Administration, Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, and Oxford University.

Why Consider Cerner?

  • Cerner’s API offers tailored integrations and third-party plugins for all-in-one clinical documentation, allowing healthcare providers to streamline patient encounters and reduce errors.
  • It also provides virtual care capabilities for remote monitoring and consultations, making it a cost-effective solution for hospitals with numerous practitioners.


Cerner price begins at $25 per month for each user.


eClinicalWorks EMR offers a comprehensive suite of practice management tools for physicians, catering to small community care centers and larger urban specialty centers despite not being as popular as Epic & Cerner.

Why Consider eClinicalWorks?

  • eClinicalWorks EMR is a platform that enables physicians to transition from paper to electronic health records, allowing them to make appointments, gather patient information, and share records with other departments.
  • It safeguards patient data and complies with HIPAA regulations. 
  • The platform’s most powerful feature is the PRISM medical search engine, which allows providers to access patient records, filter through their medical history, and view their records in a timeline view.


Basic EHR installation costs $449 per doctor per month, with practice and revenue cycle management features being an additional expense.

Prompt EMR

Prompt EMR is a cloud-based software that digitizes and organizes patient information in healthcare practices. It helps providers handle patient records, appointment scheduling, billing, invoicing, e-prescribing, and reporting. 

The platform’s user-friendly interface is known for its ease of navigation and efficiency, making it suitable for healthcare providers with limited technical expertise. This straightforward design minimizes the learning curve, ensuring quality care.

Why Consider Prompt EMR?

  • Prompt care software offers telehealth, claims management, patient management, and scheduling features.
  • Telehealth minimizes patient volume loss and allows video conferencing. Claims management is automated, enabling billing teams to focus on essential claims.
  • Patient management creates and maintains electronic medical records, enabling efficient check-ins. 
  • Scheduling provides a comprehensive view of healthcare professionals’ schedules, allowing for better patient load management.


The size and requirements of your practice determine costs. 


AdvancedMD is a top-tier EHR with a tasteful UX, color-coded elements, a configurable dashboard, and a SaaS model for users to ensure the latest and most secure software version.

Why Consider AdvancedMD?

  • The product suite includes Practice Management for front-office operations and EHR features for patient data storage and retrieval. 
  • AdvancedMD’s support falls short, making it difficult for new users to contact live agents, handle installations, or train personnel. 
  • The suite is designed to streamline patient data management.


An EHR+practice management bundle costs $729 per provider per month, while practice management starts at $429 per month.

Things To Consider When Selecting A New EHR System

Consider current needs and efficiency as a long-term investment when purchasing an EHR system. Choose between cloud-based and on-premises EHRs based on hospital size, healthcare compliance, patient security, and data integrity. Implementation strategies should account for ransomware attacks, malware, and hackers. End-user training and support, including a digital adoption platform, are crucial for successful EHR adoption.