Creating a Safe Haven: Designing a Sober Living Home for Lasting Sobriety


A sober living home is an important part of the addiction recovery journey. It plays the crucial role of acting as an ideal stepping board from which you can propel yourself into a life of sobriety and confidence. If you have been under addiction for a long time, then coming out of it would have taken a huge toll on your mental grit. You must have undergone treatments at a rehab or detox center. However, those treatments help you to come out of the influence of alcohol or drugs but it alone can’t keep you out of drugs perpetually. You need to build better habits and routines. That is possible only with the support and guidance of people who have done that already.

A Center Should Have a Safe Facility in a Good Environment

Good sober homes should be located in a pristine and picturesque environment with adequate safety infrastructure. The facility should have proper guards and security features that can prevent any unauthorized entries into the facility. The rooms and accommodations should also have ample personal space for the people who live in these centers.

You Should Have Many Kinds of Accommodation

A good center should provide many options for the people to stay in the sobriety facility. This is required as not everyone who is addicted to alcohol or drugs can afford the premium price for a luxury accommodation. Whether they have the resources to pay for a dormitory type accommodation or share rooms or even exclusive executive rooms, the center should be able to accommodate them. As a healthcare provider, the center shouldn’t discriminate against people on the basis of their paying potential.

You Should Have Options to House Your Pets and Family with You

Family support and the support of a pet goes a long way in ensuring that you come out of addiction in a smooth manner. There are many centers that allow people to live along with their family in the sobriety facility. There are a few healthcare providers who provide separate houses for the people who are recovering from addiction. The love and care provided by a pet is not to be underestimated. A good pet helps the person to feel cared and loved. Similarly, their inner urge to care for others and have a pet is also fulfilled by this relationship.

It Should House an in-house Doctor or a Medical Professional

A good sobriety facility should have clean interiors and a team of professionals who can provide medical support and personalized treatments to the recovering addicts. If for some reason, your body feels tired or fatigued, you should be able to get the first aid and urgent care from the healthcare professional. The center should also have an adequate number of people who can support each other. Apart from the above mentioned it should have facilities for recreation and opportunities to learn a new skill. With all these facilities, a sober facility will be able to completely rejuvenate the person who is coming out of an addiction.